Rhine Falls Worth Castle Schaffhausen

Rhine falls rhine river

While you’re here don’t miss seeing Schloss Worth Castle. It’s very close by and is a great place to catch your breath.

A charming footpath takes you from the parking lot to the Schaffhausen-Winterthur railroad line and from here a short few minutes walk  to Schloss Laufen which houses a 16th century restaurant.  Another short walk will take you right up to the Rhine river.

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3 Responses to "Rhine Falls Worth Castle Schaffhausen"

  1. Hi! My name is Babita, living in New York. My husband Kevin and I was in an Europen 9days tour and while their we visited the Rhine Falls on 07/27/2010 that was one off our favourites spot. The boat ride we took to the Fall was short but just breath taking. I had a wonderful time went and bought suvinor from the shops. We both took some amazing picture one of the picture had one off your beautifull White Swan. The enviroment clean and well kept, keep up the great work. Wish to come back and visit sometime in the near future.

  2. Ciao,my cousines from Switzerland escorted my brother and myself to this fantastic spectacle,October 2009.A great boat trip to the middle of the falls and a breathtaking climb to the middle rocks!It reminded me of a similar site here in New Zealand at Huka Falls,Waikato River,Taupo,North Island, without the crowds.Well worth the visit.

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