Explore the Beauty of Rhine Falls

Explore the Beauty of Rhine Falls

Explore the Beauty of Rhine Falls

Switzerland offers more than just the spectacular scenery of the Alps. Nestled between Lake Constance and Basel, lies a hidden treasure that sparkles and glimmers in the sunlight awaiting the arrival of visitors to explore its dazzling beauty and majestic wonders. Located near Schaffhausen, the majestic Rhine River flows into the breathtaking structure of the Rhine Falls, which is the largest waterfall in Europe. With its huge 50 meters in width and reaching a height of 23 meters, a torrential 700m3 of gushing water rushed over the cliff each second offering the visitors a stunning view of the cascading waterfalls.

This magnificent structure that was created some 17,000 years ago provides a spectacular backdrop and has attracted tourists from all over the world. The Rhine Falls make up a part of the Rhine River which flows through green farmlands, villages and ancient castles. The serenity of the river comes to a sudden halt just outside the idyllic city Schaffhausen, as it plummets over the long wide rock that is almost 500 meters wide and plummets over the top into a cascading waterfall that is over 75 feet in height before it rolled over and ends in a sea of white froth. The water returns to its smooth glassy nature again as the river makes a U- turn. This natural turning provides a spectacular view of the falls.

The Rhine Falls can be viewed from the top of the falls. There is a railway bridge built over the river along with walkways on both sides of the tracks. There is also an ancient castle built on top of the north bank overlooking the falls, the Schloss Laufen. The terrace offers a vantage point where you can get a bird’s eye view of the majestic falls. If you want a more adventurous way to get a view of the falls, take a boat ride which brings you to the jagged edges of the waterfall. There is a stairway that leads to the top of the structure and visitors can stand in the middle of the falls and experience the gushing sensation of the crashing waterfall all around them.

It is amazing that this wondrous beauty is very accessible to the general public. Located just forty minutes from the capital city, Rhine Falls is a mere ten or fifteen minutes walk if you begin at the local bus station and you can get to this place to experience the power and wonders of nature for yourself. There are trains to this place that leaves Zurich every hour and buses that leave every ten minutes right from the stopping point of Neuhausen Zentrum. Alternatively you can take the route from Schaffhausen, and walk a mile and a half along the scenic riverbanks to reach the falls in forty five minutes!

For a different experience, try visit the Rhine Falls at night. You would be amazed to see the waterfalls being illuminated after dark by spotlights hidden in the trees. Wonder at the mysterious shadows and flickering lights that can create a thrilling and yet relaxing effect you can enjoy.

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  1. Charlotte Schieffelin · Edit

    I would like to make a reservation in Schaffhausen Switzerland, because I want to see the Rhine Falls. Please send information to me by e-mail. Thank you.

  2. i had a glass ball souvenir of the rhine falls, but the glass is broken because it fell on the ground. Is there any on who knows a shop website address may be i can find and buy it pls?

  3. This brought back the memories of my visit to the Rhine Falls. From where we drove to The Black Forest. And what a lovely route was it!!

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  7. I am from HK. We, a group of students, are going to Switzerland to explore the water resources of it. It seems an amazing place to go!
    But,can I have some more information about how to get there? As you mention that there are trains from Zurich. Can I know which train is it? And how can I reach Neuhausen Zentrum and get on the bus to Rhyfall? One more question, after we get off the bus, how can we walk to the platform and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the waterfall?
    Thanks so much:))

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