Rhine Falls, Top 5 Things To Do

Rhine Falls, Top 5 Things To Do

5 Things to Do at Rhine Falls Switzerland

Rhine falls is among the largest waterfalls in Europe. This 150m wide falls tumbles from the Jurassic Limestone dropping 20m with water surging at 700,000 liters per second. As a landmark feature, the Rhine falls provides a fantastic environment for sightseeing, adventure, and exploration. If you are planning for a trip to the Rhine, then here are some activities to get you started.

1) Explore the Scenic Rhine Falls

A trip to the Rhine falls provides a fantastic opportunity to view the falls and explore the magnificent surroundings. You can catch a bird’s eye view of the gushing waters and the falls from the terraces. There is also a stairway that takes you right up to the falls where you can experience the gushing sensation of crashing water. Alternatively, you can take a 1 ½ mile walk down to the riverbank from where you can access the fall. If you are spending the night in Schaffhausen you might want to catch a glimpse of the waterfalls at night when it is being illuminated by hidden spotlights.

2) Board the Rhyfall Express

A trip to the Schaffhausen wouldn’t be complete without boarding the Rhyfall-Express shuttle from at Burgunwiese. The comfortable carriages can carry up to 48 people at once. A one way ride along the Rhine Falls basin takes about 15 minutes from where you can start your exploration. If you’re coming with a group then you can make reservations for groups or for extra rides if need be. Apparently, this is the only city train which also takes visitors to and fro the Rhine Falls especially in the boating season.

3) Take a Boat trip on River Rhine

If you want more fun and a bit of tossing on the jagged edges of the waterfall, then you should consider a boat trip down river Rhine. A boat ride gives you a chance to explore the Rhine falls from an isolated rock in the middle of the falls. A quick boat ride down the Rhine creates an awe inspiring feeling . Alternatively, you can trek or cycle down a riverside path from where you can catch a boat. July is the best month for taking a boat trip as the water level is high.

4) Visit Adventure Rope Park

The adventure rope park is a recreation facility is another awesome attraction that offers visitors time for some fun and challenging activities. There are more than 140 obstacles to overcome for adults and kids above the age of 4 years. You can move from tree to tree or do an adrenaline-rushing 13 meters free fall onto a soft landing. From the treetops, you can also catch a breathtaking view of the breathtaking view of the Rhine Falls. The park has satisfactory systems that guarantee the safety of visitors who participate in the challenge.

5) Explore the Medieval Schaffhausen

The medieval city of Schaffhausen is a treasure cove for explorers who want to explore the Gothic and Baroque architectural designs. Schaffhausen boasts of an incredible number of merchant homes , guild houses, and medieval inns that date back to 1300 AD. The archaic fortress at Munot and Benedictine Abbey are just some of the historical landmark features that conjure memories of Medieval Europe. Being a car-free town, you will have an easy time traversing the numerous historic buildings that dot this amazing town.

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  1. Good morning,
    We are planning a visit to the Rhine Falls on Monday 21st April 2014. Since it is Easter Monday, could you please confirm if group visits can still be made. Will the group have access to the Falls and will the boat rides still be possible. If yes, what are the group rates in 2014?
    Awaiting your kind reply.
    Thanks & regards,
    Carmen Abela
    Hamilton Travel Malta

  2. Hi, We are planning to go to Switzerland in August. Is is a good time to visit the Rhine Fall and how much is the boat ride and for how long?

    Thanks and best regards.


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